There is nothing more exciting and inspiring than when an Athlete Internalizes their game. It is the moment when you take control of the process, take on the responsibility of your play, and understand the importance of the team. It is when you say,"It's my Game," and you know where you want to take it and the place it has in your life.


Our kids start playing sports because it's fun and a great way to be with their friends. The gap between finding this Joy and all the Long-term benefits and meaningful relationships and experiences that come with playing - can be a challenge for us as parents. In the end, we all want the same for them and we all want to maintain a trusting, open, and compassionate relationship with them as they grow.





Like you, I enjoy coaching. The responsibility is enormous, but the positive impact you can have on a life makes it worthwhile and extremely rewarding. Like anything, it takes compassion for kids, continuous learning, careful Approach and a long-term view of success.

My Philosophy

I believe that healthy development through playing team sports creates experiences and an approach to competing that can be transitioned throughout our lives. Sports are both fun and challenging. Very few activities offer both. Players are fueled by this Joy and the relentless quest to push their personal boundaries and commit to something bigger than themselves. This teaches them how to believe in themselves and accomplish personal goals within the framework of a team. That's priceless.

Recently, our kids are experiencing an alarming amount of anxiety because of the pressure to perform at accelerated levels, and the significance placed on every test, game, and social interaction.

Until now, I was content with the impact I was having on the lives of the kids I was coaching and advising in my community. I was satisfied with modeling behaviors parents and coaches could follow to enhance their kid's experience. However, the problem of excessive external pressure coupled with early specialization and the internal pressure to perform at higher levels has become overwhelming for adolescents. We cannot let the Joy be replaced with anxiety.

Let's make a difference and challenge ourselves to reduce the harmful pressures we are injecting into youth sports. Please share my blog and challenge me to write and talk about change.  I will work with athletes, parents, schools, teams, coaches and any organization that believes in the importance of educating our youth on how to develop a healthy approach to competing, learning and social interactions.

If this interests you please email me and we can start the conversation about how we can make change happen.



Next Steps...

If you would like to improve your Approach to gain competitive advantage, balance, or a healthy relationship with finding success and overcoming challenges, I can help. Whether you're an Athlete, Parent, Coach or School Administrator I am committed to making a difference in your life.  Click the "Make it Count" button and let's find the best way to achieve your goals.