Meet Phil

When I think of about living a meaningful life I immediately consider how I can improve the lives of others. In order to do that we have to develop strengths, emotional intelligence, and expertise in helpful areas so we can use them to have a positive impact.

Phil Mccarthy

Founder & CEO

I am passionate about Athletics and the development that comes through sport. I champion Athletes, Coaches, and Parents to find their best because helping our young have positive experiences and developing a healthy approach to competing and engaging the world will have a lasting effect on our future.

My Experience

Athletics: I had an amazing athletic experience as a two-sport athlete in college. I had it all. The legendary coaches, awesome teammates, National Championships, leadership positions, a few personal records I am proud of, and even a trip to the White House to meet President Bush Sr. The common theme in the experience was a commitment to a purpose-driven approach, personal development, and a team-first mentality. It was hard work, and there were plenty of days that were challenged by strong negative emotions and self-talk. I learned the how to tolerate them and do something productive with them. I have used this process to find continued success and to overcome obstacles throughout my life.

Major Obstacle: At 23, I suffered a fluke head bleed overnight in my sleep. I was a month away from receiving my MBA, and I was Assistant Lacrosse coach at the University. That morning I woke up paralyzed on my left side and was rushed into brain surgery. The uncertainty, physical challenge, fear, self-doubt and strong negative emotions were nothing I could have ever imagined I had the strength to overcome. This process forced my awareness of who we become and the relationships we gain in our Athletic experience when the experience is positive. I am proud to say that I recovered from this injury and have gained a lot from the enlightenment of that event. I am passionate in my desire to help our youth have the best possible athletic experience because it matters.

Coaching: I have coached College, High School, and/or Youth Boys and Girls teams for almost 25 years. I have given well over the 10,000 hours it would take to have a valued opinion. I have paid attention differently than most and have adopted a long-term view of success. I see the journey of the athlete through a lens that includes my experiences as an Athlete, a Parent, and a Coach. This is important because our kids need the loving support of everyone in those roles to enjoy ultimate success.

I started Athlete2Lifelite to help parents and coaches deliver the best experience possible for their athletes. To help Athletes develop an approach that will transcend the sports they Enjoy playing.

I will blog, Vlog, Podcast and work personally with athletes and parents, coaches and teams to help get it right.

If you have questions - I would like to help. I have committed my life to coaching athletes and advising them on approach.  I am committed to helping you do the same.

Next Steps...

If you would like to improve your Approach to gain competitive advantage, balance, or a healthy relationship with finding success and overcoming challenges, I can help. Here are the services I offer.